Watch Australian manufacturing reports from people in the industry, talking about what makes their industrial design and engineering unique.


Segments in this episode:

– Research institute engagement with industry
– Application of communications, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) into manufactured devices
– 3D printing across industry, including prototyping
– AMGC support for business and education

Thanks to:
– 3D Printing Studios
– Michael Sharpe @ Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
– Aervision Technologies
– CCP Technologies Limited
– Concourse Golf
– CSIRO and CSIRO Lindfield
– Cumberland Manufacturing Centre Inc.
– Design + Industry
– International Health Group
– Scott Tucker @ Business NSW
– UNSW Science
– Vodafone Australia

Omega Industries launches RapidDry range of paint products

The RapidDry range of products are suited to home application all the way to large scale infrastructure projects. Onsite R&D has taken years to develop an improved epoxy coating that doesn’t smell, has faster drying time (to allow same day reapplication) and as well as extending the durability of the product.

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