Content on the REFACTURED website and the through digital media channels is reviewed for manufacturing innovation. We continuously ensure there is an identified audience for the content and that is of relevance, first and foremost, to anyone wanting to hear about Australian manufacturing innovation and industrial design.

REFACTURED programming is assembled in 2 ways:

  1. Earned media – We approach you to be included into our planned editorial content in segments or full episodes. This does not carry an appearance cost and can also be shared freely.
  2. Paid media – You approach us to be included into upcoming or new content/segments to create awareness and build knowledge on a project your organisation has supported.

Current audience reach across REFACTURED channels can be viewed here. To get on REFACTURED the cost is calculated based on production effort, organic audience reach and optionally paid audience reach.

If you’d like to be included in upcoming topics or other areas addressed by your organisation, please reach by via the Contact Us page.

Note: REFACTURED does not carry direct response marketing or advertising.

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